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Our operations are designed to ensure the highest level of banking standards in terms of efficiency, customer satisfaction, transparency and accountability. Therefore we have designed a set of core products which are notably easy loans, term deposits, group loans, asset finance as well as Target savings.


    Metro Term Deposit Account allows you fix your money for a chosen period of time and gain attractive interest rates. You can do this by opening either a savings or current account. If you are interested in opening a current account or require additional information, please visit us in our office or contact us directly via info@metromfb.com


    Metro Current Account provided you with unlimited access to your money at all times while you carry out your transactions seamlessly and also enjoy the inherent benefits. It is available to both individuals and corporate bodies. If you are interested in opening a current account or require additional information, please visit us in our office or contact us directly via info@metromfb.com

    FEATURES/BENEFITS: •No limit to the number of withdrawals in a month. • Attracts Commission on Turnover (COT) and other charges • Funds transfer and bank cheques/drafts allowed on account • Issuance of cheque books valid for clearing nationwide. • Access for any of the numerous bank's products.

    ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS: • Duly completed Account Opening Form • Two (2)recent passport sized photographs • Address verification Document e.g Utility Bill • Valid means of identification: National ID Card International Passport or Driver's License).


    Metro Savings Account gives you the opportunity to save your money and also gives you access to your funds when the need arises. This account may be owned by an individual, organization or association. If you are interested in opening a savings account or require additional information, please see us in our office or contact us directly via info@metromfb.com.

    FEATURES/BENEFITS: • Minimum opening balance of N2000.00 • Means of identification (National ID, International passport, driver's licence) • Utility Bill of Applicant (Nepa Bill, Water Rate Bill, Tenement Rate, Rent Receipt) • Two passport size photographs of Applicant.


    Saving can be hard when done manually, but Piggybank.ng enables you automatically save little amounts of money daily, weekly or monthly depending on what you set until you reach your savings target. Simply log in to www.piggybank.ng to begin.

    Easy Loan: Life is never predictable, and there are times when we all need some extra cash for those rainy days. Whether you are faced with an unexpected emergency, or simply need instant access to cash to tide you over until your next pay-check, Metro MFB gives you access to a short-term loan over a repayment term of 1, 3 or 6 months.

    Deposits: Are you saving for a special occasion or do you just have poor impulse control when it comes to spending on a great pair of shoes or the latest gadget? We can help you grow your money in a disciplined way with a Term or Notice Deposit account which gives you: Interest rates that grow with your savings Competitive returns with a wide range of notice periods to choose from.

    Group Loan: This product revolves around providing financial assistance to a group wherein members act as guarantors for availing the loan for one another. It is meant to provide working capital to micro entrepreneurs with small businesses and also a distribution channelused primarily to deliver microcredit to poor people.

    Asset Finance: Our Asset finance scheme is targeted at members of various cooperative societies, staff of various public and private sectors with veritable source of income; whose appointment have been confirmed and can afford to pay the monthly repayment of the asset to be acquired under the scheme.

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